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The agreement between the client and company  is as follows:

1. Client agrees to hire as its provider for the purpose of entertainment for their event or other the use of equipment which is deemed appropriate for occasion.

2. Company will deliver and set up the equipment at a designated location provided the location is suitable and adequate for equipment to be placed. i.e., free from power lines, glass, sharp objects, tree limbs or anything that could possibly cause damage to the equipment or harm to the users.

3. Client claims full responsibility for the safety and care of the equipment after delivery and agrees to the company's recovery in the event there is any damage.

4. Client agrees to appoint at least one designated attendant to manage the equipment during use and to follow the guidelines and instructions given as the equipment should never be left unattended while being used by children at the delivery site or our private facility. Client further agrees to TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY hold the company blameless and not liable in the event of any injuries or other during use at any location of usage, i,e... properly supervised individuals, meaning adults, should always be present to keep children in line and safe from harm.   

5. Client must call the company at least one to two hours before ending the use of the equipment to give the company time to arrive and remove it. Client should not attempt to dismantle with-out permission from the company; however, In the event of rain the client has the right to turn off blowers and generators to protect equipment and personal property as well as safety to any person. Disconnect all electrical plugs to prevent damage or harm.

6. Client must notify the company immediately with-out delay should anything go wrong such as equipment failure and client must take immediate action to clear any children from equipment for their safety.

We recommend that you hire for an additional $15 per hour an attendant to over see any unforeseen incidents that may occur.

7. Rental time of 6-8 hours is termed all day rental use.

Minimum time used is 3 hours

Anything over the minimum but less than the all day use will be calculated based on the hourly rate of that particular rental equipment. Refer to the price list for pricing.

8. Should you need to cancel your party or event  you must notify the company at least 48 hours prior to the booking date as a courtesy to offer other customers an opportunity for that date. If a deposit is required (standard practice) and the cancellation is before the 48 hour deadline, your deposit will be refunded, if not before the 48 hour time-line you fore-fit the deposit. Balance is due prior to the start of the party (No exceptions)

9. If bad weather should become a factor before setup time and the event is called off then no monies are due and any deposits will be 50% refunded; However, if a setup is done prior to bad weather and the event is called off then the client will be responsible for half the company's expected fee if set up at our private site and full amount due if set up is done at clients delivery site. 

10. If you choose to hold your event at our private facility you must call to arrange a party. This facility is not open to the general public, as do public parks, it is only provided to personal clients who may need a space large enough to host the event such as a back yard party and clients are expected to host it as such, i,e..., you are not allowed to advertise your event as an open to the public event or the event will not be allowed.

Our private facility is a drug free environment, absolutely NO drugs, weapons or alcoholic beverages allowed. We want to keep it safe as well as fun for the kids to enjoy. If any contraband is exposed the party will be terminated and no refunds.

We reserve the right to cancel an event if we encounter at anytime during the event any domestic problems, etc... NOTICE! please know your guest, UN-wanted persons should not be invited. 

If delivery is more than 10 miles from downtown Indianapolis then a mileage and set up fee may be included in the charges.

We hope you have a great time at your event and we know you will enjoy our party equipment

Thank You for your business, We appreciate it...GOD BLESS


    If both parties are in agreement with these terms and conditions sign below:


              K.L.U. REPRESENTATIVE _____________________________DATE ______________  

              CLIENT/CUSTOMER   _________________________________DATE ______________